Mariposa Soñadora Palette

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Shade Descriptions:

A beautiful palette part of the Kawaiidoll1 collaboration, inspired by butterflies, her favorites.
Consists of 12 shades in pressed pigments

3 Shimmers; -Mariposa -Poderosa -Esperanza (pink)

8 Mattes; -Kawaiidoll1 -Esperanza (with butterfly pressing) -Alas -Irresistible -Soñadora -Felicidad -Pao -Vuela Alto

1 Pressed glitter; -Belleza

2 mirrows


Each shadow has a special meaning for Kawaiidoll1

Kawaiidoll1: Represents me to my channel

Esperanza (with butterfly pressing): Every project is a challenge, and I always hope that it will be a success.

Alas: The ones that I keep to not lose my goal

Irresistible: The feeling that I want each of my followers to feel in themselves. That they maintain that confidence and feminine security.

Mariposa: Apart from being my favorite animal, it is very iconic for me because it represents a spiritual transformation.

Poderosa: We are unique and that is our power

Soñadora: A person without dreams is a body without a soul. My dreams are coming true and that fills me with pride and satisfaction

Belleza: All women are beautiful and charming, and I would like everyone to discover it

Felicidad: Happiness is what I have when I see myself grow, when I see the support and affection of all my followers. None of this was possible without your support.

Paola: My name 

Esperanza: This "hope" is also important, because it represents the "hope" of Pink Camels Beauty, it is their first cosmetics launch and they have placed their hope in me to take their first step in the industry.

Vuela Alto: I don't allow myself to limit myself to the earth when I have a complete sky to fly. Never stop exceeding yourself and thinking big, big dreams come true.




Talc, mICA, iSOPROPYL palmitate, Dimethicone, Pentaerythityl tretraisostearate, Silica, Diisostearyl, Malate, Squalane Magnesium stearate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexyglycerin.

Formulated without: parabens/ mineral oil/ phthalates/ Triclosan/ sodiumlauryl sulfate/ gluten

Precautions: store in a cool & dry place


Cruelty Frree
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