About Us

“The secret of looking glamorous” -> Pink Camels by D’Luan

Focusing on beauty, aesthetics and quality we have managed to create a collection of eyelashes that look perfect and manageable in all types of skin, face, color and cultures.

PinkCamels® is created by Diana Álvarez, a passionate about makeup and art, who has recently started in this industry. Having Persian, Thai and Hindu specialists as support and work team, in the elaboration of the products they offer, it has decided to create a luxurious brand of eyelashes that emphasizes quality and accessibility.
In this catalog we can see the different materials that have been worked on in each collection and their prices, both for wholesalers and suggested prices to offer to retailers.

PinkCamels® has 24 ambassadors in different regions and countries such as Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain and the United States. Thus being a plus and impulse for the propagation of the brand and its products. PinkCamels® will be taking collections every season. The year has 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) Our first launch is organized in Autumn 2019, has 3 collections #Mitologicas, #powerpuffgirls and #womenofhistory.

Each collection inspired by beings, women and characters that have somehow been part of history, our childhood and even mythical stories with which we have always been fascinated ...



PinkCamels® is driven by a desire to create brilliant customer experiences, which are built from the insight and data executed through our integrated technology and expertise. Widening access to premium lashes and empowering women all over the world, we are leading the online beauty-lashes.



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